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It is estimated that as many as 1 million people across the UK rely on cannabis for medical reasons. Many of these people are suffering chronic and painful conditions.

Currently available medicines don't always work for them, cannabis does. These people are faced with a terrible dilemma - continue to suffer or take the risk of breaking the law, just like the character Izzy in the TV soap Coronation Street. This is morally wrong: they are patients, not criminals. All they want to do is lead a normal life. Medicinal cannabis is legal in many countries including much of the USA, Canada, Germany and Italy to list just a few. Sick people in our country deserve the same access to medicinal cannabis.

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Toke Pure

Toke Pureis a a safer use campaign aimed at encouraging cannabis users to drop the tobacco run by UKCIA since 2001
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Cannabis Information

The government's policy of prohibition depends on ignorance and fear and there has been a huge amount of hype, misinformation and downright lies put about in support of it. The best defence against all this is the truth, so UKCIA aims to tell the truth about cannabis, warts and all.

UKCIA Research Collection

The UKCIAsite contains some of the most important articles and reports on subjects relating to cannabis. Use the search facility to find articles of interest.


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Prohibition is Harm Maximisation

Nothing on earth is “harmless”, nothing is absolutely safe for everyone under all conditions of use.

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Humans have used cannabis since the dawn of recorded history - and probably for a long time before that. What does cannabis do? How is it used? What are the dangers?

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The industrial uses of hemp. Cannabis is so much more than "dope", it has a massive number of industrial uses and perhaps this is the real reason for its prohibition.

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Cannabis the medicine

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The cannabis law reform campaign and UKCIA's Toke pure campaign.

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The important laws at the heart of prohibition. Policitians are the problem.