Helping Earth's Sustainable Management with a Plant

There are many resources available on the subject of hemp.  Those listed below have been used in the construction of this web site.  They contain links to many other valuable sources of information.  Enjoy your reading ...

Abel EJ, Marijuana Farmers the First Twelve Thousand Years at The American Hemp Industries Association at - an organisation pushing for growth in industrial hemp industries.

Campaign to Legalize Cannabis International Association International - the experts on hemp and cannabis at  This site includes an extensive and comprehensive list of suppliers of hemp products.

Hemphasis - a Canadian pro-hemp organisation can be found on the Industrial Hemp Webring at


The non-food Agro-Industrial Research Information Dissemination Network states the importance of hemp and can be found via

Carson R, 1962, Silent Spring

CLCIA campaign leaflets available on request from The Legalise Cannabis Alliance, POo Box 198, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 2DE.

Columbia History of the World, Harper and Row, 1981.

Conrad C, Hemp - Lifeline to the Future

Crossby A, 1965, America, Russia, Hemp and Napoleon, State University Press

d'Oudney K and d'oudney J, 1997, Cannabis : The facts, Human Rights and the Law, FCDA

d'Oudney K, 1998, Green Solutions

Frazier J 1972, The Marijuana Farmers, Solar Age

The Herald, 28th May 1994.

Herer J, 1993, The Emperor Wears no Clothes, the Authoritative Record of the Cannabis Plant & How Hemp can still Save the World, Green Planet Company - an electric copy can be found on TOP OF PAGE NEXT