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The Home Secretary
John Reid

January 7th 2006

Dear Mr Reid

On December 16th 2006 Mark and Lesley Gibson, together with Marcus Davies were convicted of conspiracy to supply cannabis in the form of "Canna-Biz" [1] chocolate to people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis at Carlisle Crown Court.

These ill people were all adults, all provided confirmation notes from doctors and were all fully aware of the nature of the "Canna-Biz" they were supplied with. No fee was charged for the service.

This was an interesting conspiracy given that it was in the public domain for several years, the people concerned made no secret of what they were doing and indeed made every effort to tell the world about it, including the authorities - government, police and many documented NHS Employees. The local Cumbrian police were aware of their activities, a fact which gave some reassurance to the Gibsons that what they were doing was being tolerated.

Many people assisted the THC4MS campaign, the help ranged from providing the cannabis used to make the therapeutic chocolate by home growers to donating funds or other facilities. These people assisted in the way that they did in response to public appeals from the three convicted people.

If this was indeed a conspiracy, it included far more than the three people charged and was in effect aided and abetted by the police.

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance website forum has the names of some 60 people who were proud to assist with the provision of pain relief to ill people [2]. Does the CPS plan to charge these people as well?

This trial and victimisation of these well intentioned people has caused great suffering not only to themselves - Lesley Gibson is an MS sufferer - but also to the many hundreds of ill people they were supplying. The trial has achieved nothing in terms of reducing crime and has not been in any way in the public interest, so why was it allowed to continue?

THC4MS had always made it clear that if a legal form of cannabis were to be made available to MS sufferers they would immediately cease production of their "Canna-Biz", but for years the government refused.

Following the police raids on THC4MS the then Home Secretary Charles Clarke MP for Norwich South bent the law and allowed the "Sativex" spray, which is a whole cannabis medicine to be prescribed by doctors on a "named patient" basis. This can only have been a cynical attempt to deflect criticism. Had he agreed to do this before, as he was asked by the THC4MS campaigners, they would have stopped supplying the "Canna-Biz" and there would have been no need for any court case.

Because of the shutting down of THC4MS and because Sativex is in fact next to impossible to get for most people - each application has to be granted a special licence by the Home Office - hundreds of MS sufferers are now in pain having been deprived of an effective supply of "Canna-Biz".

Withholding pain relief medicine is surely one of the definitions of torture, but that's what this government is doing with this pathetic attempt to look "tough on drugs".

So what of the people left to suffer? Most will probably suffer in silence - these are ill people of course, they're not going to protest. Some will source their own supply of cannabis from street dealers and will now be experiencing the mass contamination with microscopic glass beads. - See the cannabis contamination alert [3].

The conviction of these people is perhaps law enforcement, but it is not justice.

We call on you to urgently review this situation, to make cannabis available to medicinal users and to stop this persecution of decent, honest and compassionate people.

Derek Williams
For UKCIA is the website of the legalise cannabis campaigns

Adam Metcalf
UKCIA webteam
Alun Buffry
Legalise Cannabis Alliance


[1] "Canna-Biz" was named after the late Elizabeth "Biz" Ivol, a medical cannabis user and campaigner who was also threatened with the law, but who died an agonising death having been denied her medicine before she had her day in court.

[2] Legalise Cannabis Alliance forum

[3] Cannabis contamination alert

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