A short statement about my involvement with CLEAR Cannabis law reform. I have already posted this to my Facebook page:

For the past several months I’ve been working with CLEAR cannabis law reform as website editor. I was pleased to be involved in a campaign which took a serious and professional approach to the campaign to end prohibition.Now the important point to make is that CLEAR is a single issue campaign, it isn’t a social club.The past few months have been difficult with a campaign aimed against the leader, Peter Reynolds. The origins of this campaign were dubious in the extrme, and the whole thing was born from people who have been around the law reform movement for years and have at best failed to make a good impression and at worst given the whole effort the awful stereotype image it has.The allegations against Peter focus on his private life and political views, which I admit are not mine.

I outlined the whole sorry mess on the UKCIA blog a few weeks ago. http://ukcia.org/wordpress/?p=1337  I called that blog “Small minds discuss people”, read it and you’ll see why.

Anyway the problems continued and hit a new high – or low – over the past week. Now my only reason for being involved in CLEAR was to support a serious cannabis law reform campaign, this has now become impossible and it is with great regret that I can no longer be involved. So I resigned today (Friday 30th MArch) , I am no longer a member of the CLEAR exec.

I don’t use cannabis myself (time was…) but I do still want to see the madness of cannabis prohibition ended. I suppose I’ll just stick to running UKCIA, although I do wonder why I bother.

Since I wrote that there have been new developments within CLEAR which I am not a party to, but it seems the website ownership was transferred and at the time of writing clear-uk.org points to the electoral commission. I can only assume that is an indication of the seriousness of the situation.

As of now, Peter Reynolds is still the official leader of CLEAR, contrary to some claims being made he was not unseated. As I understand things, he intends to remain as leader.

I was a witness to everything that unfolded before 30th March and maybe one day I’ll give an account of it all, but for now I’ll keep it to myself in the hope that CLEAR can survive this crisis. I still very much support the aims and objectives of CLEAR, which were the only reason I gave my support to it.