This blog has mentioned Addiction Today before. Addiction Today claims to be

the most widely-read, influential journal in the UK alcohol- and drug-treatment field

It is also, apparently, a publication dedicated to supporting the prohibition of drugs, keen to promote the view that any debate around the issue of drug law reform is equal to encouraging drug use and is designed to keep people tied to addiction.

If so, that is very worrying, because it clearly has an agenda which overrides factual debate and proper consideration of the issue of drugs and what to do about them. If this publication really is read by industry professionals, there is a big issue here.

Oddly it was just about exactly a year ago when this blog criticised Addiction Today for running an article by David Raynes of the National Drug Prevention Alliance which was no more than an opinion piece without any kind of critical balance.

Yesterday (24th July) they ran an article from an old favourite drug warrior Kathy Glyngell entitled


With the tag line


Their capitals.

This is yet another article from Ms Glyngell which runs true to form. As usual she cherry picks data to form a simplistic and alarmist view that the world is about to go to hell in a handcart because of the hidden time bomb of cannabis use.

It’s really not worth the time or effort it would take to do a critique of this article, you can read it here for yourself

Now, it is bad enough that Addiction Today, which claims to be a serious evidence based journal gives a platform to someone with such a clear political agenda as Ms Glyngell. What is worse is the fact that the magazine will not allow any criticism of this persons views.

I saw the article via the “Daily Dose” newsfeed and submitted a comment to Addiction Today and waited for it to be moderated. It never appeared, and indeed, no comments appeared, which I thought was odd. My comment had been to point out that the issues Ms Glygell uses as a basis for her warnings are – in as much as they are true – products of the prohibition regime; viz the increase in strength (or is it potency?) with so-called “skunk”, use of cannabis by young people and children and so on. My comment was aimed at simply making the point that illegal drugs are not controlled drugs and prohibition is not drug control.

This evening a notice was added to the article in the comments section:

Comments about this are now closed.
Please note that this charity does not publish comments which are ad hominem attacks or trolling.
The charity offers information to help addicts become free of addiction/ dependence; it thus does not publish comments encouraging use of illegal, psychoactive drugs.

More information about how cannabis affects the body was requested; answers are available at

Not one comment was posted. Now I don’t, of course, know what other comments Addition Today received as a result of this article, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were many hostile to the opinions of Ms Glygell. However, my comment was not “an ad hominem attack or trolling”, neither was it “encouraging use of illegal, psychoactive drugs”. It was, however, highly critical of the article on, I thought, reasonably factual grounds.

It seems Addiction today has no intention of allowing any debate whatsoever about the issue of drug law reform; it is firmly in the prohibitionist camp.

But worse is the fact that the publication has debased itself by referring its readers to the “Cannabisskunksense” website. Cannabisskunksense is run by Mary Brett – she of Europe Against Drugs. The best and most polite thing that can be said about cannabisskunksense  is that it is not a factual site and cannot be trusted to give honest, factual information about cannabis. it is not the sort of site a magazine which wants to be treated seriously would ever consider linking to.

Cannabisskunksense is a prohibitionist website pure and simple, formed after a break with the infamous “Talking About Cannabis” site famous a few years ago. If you want to check it out for yourself, google it, I UKCIA will not  link to it.

Additcion Today has lost any pretense it had to being a serious publication, it is little more than a comic of the prohibition movement.