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There is nothing worse than a scientist attempting to influence an important referendum by promoting a belief as an established fact, presenting disputed research as proof whilst ignoring the many other issues pertinent to the debate. This is the charge against Prof Mary Cannon.

What is UKCIA?

UKCIA is an anti-prohibition site, specifically promoting the ending of the prohibition of cannabis, a policy that has been embraced by all UK governments since 1928 and which is causing very real damage, not only in the UK, but world wide

The site contains a wealth of information about the plant, comment and archives of the long running law reform campaign.

UKCIA does not claim cannabis is harmless, nothing on earth is. But any harm cannabis can do is amplified greatly by the prohibition law because of the total lack of control over the huge and very profitable industry that supplies it. Prohibition also adds many dangers of its own by creating opportunities for organised crime to flourish.

The aim of UKCIA is not only to spread knowledge about cannabis, the people who enjoy using it and the trade that supplies the demand but also to spread harm reduction knowledge

As the late Howard Marks once put it, “Cannabis exists and people want to use it”, that is the hard reality the government has to realise because prohibition has failed and cannabis isn’t going away.

UKCIA is a huge site and is very much text based, you’ll do a lot of reading while you’re here!

Knowledge is power, use it.