CLEAR Medicinal Cannabis Campaign Featured On CNN

It’s been a difficult few weeks for me personally of late – nothing cannabis related, just the real world intruding into my private space as it does from time to time, hence the lack of regular blogs. Things have been happening regardless however.

The main campaign being run by CLEAR for the past few months has been around access to medicinal cannabis, specifically Bedrocan. The Bedrocan family of products is real herbal cannabis grown to very high standards of consistency for the Dutch government. Unlike the British SATIVEX, which tries to hide it’s true identity by presenting itself as some kind of “cannabis based” concoction (actually it is real cannabis in oil form), Bedrocan is the real thing, it’s also a lot cheaper than SATIVEX and thus far easier for Dutxh people to get than SATIVEX is here.

Despite mountains of scientific evidence, the UK government continues to insist there is no medicinal value form real herbal cannabis and in theory it shouldn’t be possible to obtain Bedrocan from Holland legally. However, in direct conflict with the draconian and cruel faith based Misuse of Drugs Act it does actually seem to be possible and Jamie and some five other ill people have demonstrated over the past few months.

Last weekend CLEAR member Jamie (previously known only as “Clarence CLEAR”) made a return trip to Holland to pick up his second prescription. Jamie last did this in September and when it was announce on the CLEAR website it caused quite a stir with some people claiming it was a hoax.

So this time Jamie took CNN along for the ride and they recorded his trip to Holland, including (from a distance) his trip to the pharmacy and they confirmed that he declared the importation at customs. This will form a part of a larger documentary on medicinal cannabis in the UK CNN is to air early next year, but for now they broadcast a short report on Jamie’s trip last weekend.

Jamie is doing everything he can to remain within the law, by declaring it at customs he can argue he has imported the cannabis legally. It is a full frontal challenge to the workings of the Misuse of Drugs Act and he and the others are fully aware of the risks they are taking, but following two visits from his local police (following complaints about his cannabis use by a neighbour) who have checked his paperwork and left satisfied Jamie has yet to suffer any legal challenge.

This is all a part of the CLEAR campaign to expose the near corrupt SATIVEX scam. SATIVEX is a good cannabis product, but that it was developed purely to take the sting out of the cannabis law reform campaign and is horrendously expensive and virtually unobtainable is well known.


UKCIA is a cannabis law reform site dedicated to ending the prohibition of cannabis. As an illegal drug, cannabis is not a controlled substance - it varies greatly in strength and purity, it's sold by unaccountable people from unknown venues with no over sight by the authorities. There is no recourse to the law for users and the most vulnerable are therefore placed at the greatest risk. There can be no measures such as age limits on sales and no way to properly monitor or study the trade, let alone introduce proper regulation. Cannabis must be legalised, as an illegal substance it is very dangerous to the users and society at large.