The original UKCIA site

The old UKCIA is a big site, after all it had a long time to grow!

It’s all still here and was given a major work-over in 2019, not to re-write the content so much as to mend broken links and rid the site of some very dodgy code.

The site is very text heavy with some major articles. It tackles some difficult subjects in a way which I hope makes them understandable. It also holds some archive material from the early cannabis law reform campaign.

The Library

The Library section is by far the largest section of UKCIA.

There are links to major articles about cannabis and its role in culture, including Pot Culture and Cannabis, the first 12 thousand years , these are almost websites in their own right.

It holds a history of the cannabis law reform campaign in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, including Smokey Bear’s picnics and the huge London marches, LCA conferences and the coffeeshop campaign.

The government on drugs – the reclassifation debacle, the skunk panic and Talk to Frank

It also has a huge collection of research papers about cannabis in the research library

Culture Section

The Culture section explores ways to consume cannabis and explains the safest ways to use it.

The Risks section looks at the hazards of being stoned, how you gets stoned and the dangers created by the drugs policy

The history of cannabis and its role in culture over the centuries, including the cannabis timeline.

There are also sections on what cannabis users are like, drugs testing and what to be aware of if you decide to grow your own.


 The law reform campaign and why it’s important still.

This section is also home to UKCIA’s special campaign of its own called “Tokepure”, aimed at encouraging cannabis users to ditch the foul addictive cancer causing and downright evil weed tobacco.

It also contains links to the most important law reform campaigns.


Cannabis isn’t just dope, it really is an amazing plant which has so much to offer.

All about hemp and its uses which is probably the main reason cannabis is prohibited – cannabis isn’t just dope, it really is rope and much, much more besides.


Cannabis has many therapeutic uses and many ill people depend on it as both a palliative and curative medicine. This is a subject that deserves not just a website but a whole campaign of its own and in recent years several have appeared. The law relating to medicinal cannabis use is changing – slowly, but it is changing. This section is being kept online as an archive, for up do date information try the United patients Alliance, links on the page.

Politics and the Law

Politics and the law, the two things at the heart of the problems we see with cannabis. This section used to hold the major acts of Parliament concerning drugs, but over time important changes have been made and so now there are links to the relevant sites.