Campaigning for change

The cannabis law reform campaign has been going for decades now, since the original "Smokey Bears picnics" in the 1970's through the "Legalise Cannabis Campaign" (which gave rise to this website) in the mid 1970's and the massive effort of groups like the CLCIA and LCA of the 1990's then CLEAR of the 2010's, but cannabis is still illegal. This despite the issue almost never being out of the news and the harms from the illegal trade growing ever more serious.


  <h3>Campaign for a reason </h3>
    <p>The case for cannabis law   reform; The only way to control drugs is to control the trade in them. Here's why we should do that.<a href=

Campaign for a reason

The case for cannabis law reform; The only way to control drugs is to control the trade in them. Here's why we should do that.
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Living under prohibition

What are the problems we face, how did they come about and what can we do? If you're new to all this,
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Cannabis - The known unknowns

Learn about cannabis, what the issues are and why prohibition is dangerous
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Regulating the trade - how it could work

How could the cannabis trade be regulated? How would we know if it worked?
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Toke Pure!

Practical harm reduction: Even now most people still smoke cannabis mixed with tobacco in joints - UKCIA anti tobacco campaign
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"Unpure" hash from the late 90's

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Contact your MP

This is an excellent service, take advantage of it and ask your MP to support legalisation
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The Library section archive section; LCA, Coffeeshops etc.
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Law reform organisations

CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform

CLEAR logo

CLEAR - Cannabis Law Reform

Ismoke magazine

ismoke mag
ISMOKE magazine


Transform drug policy foundation

Transform Drug Policy foundation Transform have published a report looking at options for the regulation of a legal drugs trade. Worth a look.
After the war on Drugs - A blueprint for regulation.

UK Cannabis Social Clubs (UKCSC)



420 day celebrations

The Annual 420 celebration organised by the UKCSC is held in Hyde Park, London and other locations around the UK on a date closse to 20th April

420 day 2019 - video UKCIA

Legal trouble, need help?


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