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A CLEAR Plan For The Regulation Of Cannabis In Britain – Public Consultation

CLEAR invites comment, suggestions and proposals towards a revised version of its CLEAR Plan for the Regulation of Cannabis in Britain

Reply to Anne Milton re Tokepure – Safer Use Campaign

A follow-up to the previous blog regarding the reply from Anne Milton at the Dep of Health to my request that the government run a campaign similar to TokePure, designed to advise cannabis… Read more »

Toke Pure – More Ann Milton madness

I’m not an anarchist, but I’ll be honest I’m one of these people who have very little respect left for politicians. It wasn’t always so, for most of my life… Read more »

The Lancet: Three papers worth a read Pt3: How well do international drug conventions protect public health?

As the Home Affairs Select Committee enquiry into the drug laws gets underway we look at the third and final paper from the Lancet Trilogy which looks at the only aspect… Read more »

The Lancet: Three papers worth a read Pt2: Drug policy and the public good: evidence for effective interventions

This paper is hardly a ringing endorsement of the present policy,

Toke Pure – another reply from Anne Milton at the Dept of Health.

Continuing the exchange between myself and Anne Milton at the department of health regarding asking the Government to run a campaign similar to Toke pure, designed to encourage cannabis users… Read more »