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A Royal Commission? – Far too risky for prohibitionists.

And so at last after a year or so of meetings, the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) drugs inquiry was finally published last Monday. In the event it was probably… Read more »

The Police Cause “Cannabis Crime”

An interesting narrative seems to be developing anew; drugs – and especially cannabis – are responsible for increasing levels of violence in society. Last Monday (10th September) I attended the… Read more »

HASC drugs inquiry – a stitch-up in the making?

Are we about to be sold down the river? Last year it was announced there would be a Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) investigation into drug policy which would be… Read more »

UKCIA submission to the Home Affairs Committee Drugs Enquiry

All the submissions to the Home Affairs Committee Drugs enquiry can be seen online here. A very special thanks to anyone who responded to the appeals to submit comments. My… Read more »