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The Release Helpline and the BMCR data collection – more problems caused by prohibition.

A theme running through many of the entries in this blog over the past couple of years has been the cod science employed to justify prohibition, the easy to understand… Read more »

Edwin Stratton – an appeal for equal treatment under the law.

So it was, perhaps, only a matter of time before someone who was getting a very real benefit from his use of cannabis, who was not causing any problem to anyone else with his cannabis use, should object to having his life torn apart and being dragged through the courts by this selective application of the law.

Disabled activist implores jury to convict for growing cannabis

When prescribed pharmaceuticals fail, we have the ‘choice’ of obeying a blunt and pointless law that demands either our passive agony, or opting for a life worth living by breaking it. This is no choice at all.

Freedom of information appeal on drugs classification – almost 40 pages of black censor pen.

Now the election is out of the way and Charles Clarke is no longer an MP, we have a tiny little bit of the drugs classification report released under the FOI ruling but the vast majority remains, to use the strange term for censorship, “redacted” by the big black pen pending the outcome of the appeal.

Freedom of Information ruling on drug classification proposals blocked by the Home Office

A few weeks ago this blog reported on a significant development. The Drug Equality Alliance (DEA) had obtained a Freedom of Information ruling forcing the government to publish the draft… Read more »