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The BBC – the world’s least bad broadcaster, maybe.

Anyone who has┬átraveled around the world – especially to the US – will know how bad TV and the broadcast media in general can be, likewise traveling around this country… Read more »

Cannabis psychosis – more reefer madness or not?

The Today programme on Radio 4 is hardly to be compared with the lower reaches of the gutter press – like the Daily Mail for example – but this morning’s report about a new study went some way to bridging that gap.

BBC 3: Cannabis, what’s the harm? – Pt 2; propaganda straight from the government.

It seems they simply don’t want to look at the real chaos they’ve caused, instead hoping to try to convince the public that the problem is people not obeying the prohibition law, rather than accepting that the situation is caused by that law. This programme by the BBC was a part of that deception attempt.

BBC 3: “Cannabis – what’s the harm?” and The Sun: survey.

Two media outlets not normally associated with presenting a complex view of the world had a go at doing just that this week – BBC 3 and The Sun!

Lord young, real freedom and the BBC.

The coalition government (the “condems” seems to be their unofficial title) have opened a real can of worms by playing the “freedom” card. Lord Young went on Radio 4 last… Read more »