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Charles Walker MP – More skunk madness from Mary Brett.

The prohibitionists hype was trotted out again last week by yet another Tory MP; Charles Walker MP for Broxbourne in Hertfordshire

Prohibition campaigners are getting rattled

The prohibition supporting drug warriors are getting rattled by the emerging evidence that decriminalisation produces better results than hard line prohibition. Chief among those fighting the prohibition corner is Kathy… Read more »

Common or garden weeds and what to do about them – advice from the Centre for Policy Studies.

Another interesting blog entry this week from the Centre for policy studies (CPS) written by Kathy Gyngell. This one, entitled “Can the Government stay in denial any longer?” was inspired… Read more »

Talking About Cannabis: Cannabis Facts – A critique

This is another blog entry about Talking About Cannabis,  what follows is a critique of the Talking about cannabis “Cannabis facts” page which has been re-written this week. It contains… Read more »

Peter O’Loughlin – a well known drug warrior misrepresents UKCIA

The rantings of people like Peter Hutchins, a columnist for the Daily Mail – don’t really merit much serious debate. Take his latest rant about the advice given by Talk… Read more »

The Skunk Panic – the new prohibitionist campaign for class A

Having scored a hit with the reclassification of cannabis to class B, the prohibition lobby has the scent of victory in it’s nostrils. There is a new anti-cannabis campaign brewing,… Read more »