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Victor Lacata And The Birth Of Reefer Madness

Victor Lacata – A Rush To Judgement By the Reefer madness museum UKCIA is proud to host a new feature – “Victor Lacata a Rush to Judgement” – Read the… Read more »

UKCIA review of the new CLEAR website

CLEAR is the new cannabis law reform campaign which has grown from the ashes of the old Legalise Cannabis Alliance. This story of how all this came to pass has… Read more »

What if cannabis cured cancer – a review of the DVD

Perhaps most importantly it doesn’t treat the viewer like a moron with the attention span of an ant, there no annoying “yoof” presentation, no stupid camera techniques, this is an intelligent presentation.

BBC 3: Cannabis, what’s the harm? – Pt 2; propaganda straight from the government.

It seems they simply don’t want to look at the real chaos they’ve caused, instead hoping to try to convince the public that the problem is people not obeying the prohibition law, rather than accepting that the situation is caused by that law. This programme by the BBC was a part of that deception attempt.

BBC 3: “Cannabis – what’s the harm?” and The Sun: survey.

Two media outlets not normally associated with presenting a complex view of the world had a go at doing just that this week – BBC 3 and The Sun!

2010 drugs strategy – forcing people to live a drug free life (but not alcohol)

This week saw the introduction of the 2010 drugs strategy; anyone hoping for a significant change of direction from the prohibition regime will be disappointed but not surprised.