The original UKCIA site

The old UKCIA is a big site, after all it had a long time to grow! It’s all still here kept as an archive. The site as it was in 2013 (with some later blog links) is divided into five sections:

The Library

The Library has a huge collection of research papers about cannabis which is possibly the biggest collection of cannabis research freely accessible in one place in the UK, it also holds the major acts of Parliament which have created this prohibition mess.

There’s a history of the cannabis law reform campaign in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, including Smokey Bear’s picnics and the huge London marches, LCA conferences and the coffeeshop campaign.

The government on drugs – the reclassifation debacle, the skunk panic and Talk to Frank

ukcia culture Culture

Ways to use cannabis, what problems there can be and how to avoid them.

The history of cannabis and its role in culture over the centuries, including the cannabis timeline. Also includes several major features including Pot Culture by Russell Cronin, Cannabis, the first twelve thousand years by Ernest L. Abe which are almost whole websites themselves.

Activism Activism

 The law reform campaign – anything being done by people or groups as well as running a special campaign of its own called “Tokepure”, aimed at encouraging cannabis users to ditch the foul addictive cancer causing and downright evil weed tobacco.

Industrial uses Industrial

All about hemp and its uses which is probably the main reason cannabis is prohibited to be honest – cannabis isn’t just dope, it really is rope and much, much more besides.

Medical uses Medical

The many therapeutic uses of cannabis – this is a subject that deserves not just a website but a whole campaign of its own and in recent years has got several

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