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What if cannabis cured cancer – a review of the DVD

Perhaps most importantly it doesn’t treat the viewer like a moron with the attention span of an ant, there no annoying “yoof” presentation, no stupid camera techniques, this is an intelligent presentation.

Importing medical cannabis to the UK – Home Office replies

The UK drug law as it applies to cannabis is coming under a lot of pressure and yet this government are desperate to keep their hard line prohibition policy intact whatever the evidence and whatever the harm they cause. It really is quite pathetic.

Scumoween free party speakeasy

Last weekend “Scumoween: The Squat Monster’s Ball” blew it all out of the water. The modern equivalent of a speakeasy is, of course, an illegal rave and this one, despite all the laws put in place over the last 10 or more years took place right in the heart of London and the was nothing the police could do to stop it.

Medical cannabis in the UK – Answers needed from the Home Office!

The cannabis laws are rapidly descending ever deeper into farce because of the apparent ability to import medical cannabis from Holland under rights enshrined in the Schengen agreement mentioned a… Read more »