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Importing medical cannabis to the UK – Home Office replies

The UK drug law as it applies to cannabis is coming under a lot of pressure and yet this government are desperate to keep their hard line prohibition policy intact whatever the evidence and whatever the harm they cause. It really is quite pathetic.

The Government on drugs

Prohibition is a policy politicians believe is effective but which is simply not supported by hard evidence of any kind, indeed there is much to show that it is in large part self defeating and causes far greater harm than properly controlled drug markets ever could.

Freedom of Information ruling on drug classification proposals blocked by the Home Office

A few weeks ago this blog reported on a significant development. The Drug Equality Alliance (DEA) had obtained a Freedom of Information ruling forcing the government to publish the draft… Read more »

Cannabis classification, a pointless issue that just isn’t going to go away.

Now lets be quite clear: Cannabis isn’t a controlled drug because it’s illegal, I’m sure this blog has mentioned that before once or twice. The problem with cannabis in the… Read more »