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The Lancet: Three papers worth a read Pt3: How well do international drug conventions protect public health?

As the Home Affairs Select Committee enquiry into the drug laws gets underway we look at the third and final paper from the Lancet Trilogy which looks at the only aspect… Read more »

The Lancet: Three papers worth a read Pt2: Drug policy and the public good: evidence for effective interventions

This paper is hardly a ringing endorsement of the present policy,

David Cameron shows his ignorance about cannabis

Democracy is a great idea, but the problem is it gives us politicians who can be the most dishonest peddlers of misinformation on the planet. David Cameron showed just how… Read more »

BBC 3: Cannabis, what’s the harm? – Pt 2; propaganda straight from the government.

It seems they simply don’t want to look at the real chaos they’ve caused, instead hoping to try to convince the public that the problem is people not obeying the prohibition law, rather than accepting that the situation is caused by that law. This programme by the BBC was a part of that deception attempt.

The problem is politicians, not drugs.

Ex-Home Office Minister spills the beans about UK drugs policy and is shouted down by all the party leaders, now whoever would have expected that to happen?