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The Lancet: Three papers worth a read Pt3: How well do international drug conventions protect public health?

As the Home Affairs Select Committee enquiry into the drug laws gets underway we look at the third and final paper from the Lancet Trilogy which looks at the only aspect… Read more »

Toke Pure – another reply from Anne Milton at the Dept of Health.

Continuing the exchange between myself and Anne Milton at the department of health regarding asking the Government to run a campaign similar to Toke pure, designed to encourage cannabis users… Read more »

Study finds Cannabis isn’t all that dangerous, but why is it a secret?

David Nutt, the professor famously sacked by the last Labour government for undermining the official policy toward cannabis by telling the truth has just issued another interesting study called “Popular… Read more »

Tokepure – a campaign whose time has come

TokePure on CLEAR – click here A campaign to get cannabis users to stop smoking tobacco is the biggest and simplest harm reduction campaign the government could and should be… Read more »