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UKCIA submission to the Home Affairs Committee Drugs Enquiry

All the submissions to the Home Affairs Committee Drugs enquiry can be seen online here. A very special thanks to anyone who responded to the appeals to submit comments. My… Read more »

The Lancet: Three papers worth a read Pt2: Drug policy and the public good: evidence for effective interventions

This paper is hardly a ringing endorsement of the present policy,

Prohibition campaigners are getting rattled

The prohibition supporting drug warriors are getting rattled by the emerging evidence that decriminalisation produces better results than hard line prohibition. Chief among those fighting the prohibition corner is Kathy… Read more »

UKCIA review of the new CLEAR website

CLEAR is the new cannabis law reform campaign which has grown from the ashes of the old Legalise Cannabis Alliance. This story of how all this came to pass has… Read more »

David Cameron shows his ignorance about cannabis

Democracy is a great idea, but the problem is it gives us politicians who can be the most dishonest peddlers of misinformation on the planet. David Cameron showed just how… Read more »